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Welcome to St. Bakhita Anakdiar Peace Foundation (Sabapef)!

Our Mission is to:  

  • To educate new immigrants on Canadian legal system, rights, responsibilities and raise their awarness on available services in Canada.
  • To promote cultural enrichment, arts and social relationships to discover and share differences and commonalities and help the immigrants with settlement and integration processes.
  • To help in reduction of violence against new immigrant women and girls and to promote gender equality.
  • To promote peace by creating national dialogue, mediation and reconciliation.





Shilluk Traditional dance and Rhythm Feb 23, 2013 in Victoria, BC Canada:

Promoting multiculturalism in Canada by connecting composers with audience and communities to discover, blend and share differences and commonalities in music. Music is one of mechanisms to enhance the quality of life and economy of inhabitants of Victoria, BC and a tool to overcome any discriminatory boundary based on ethnicity, nationality, skin color or religion.

Empowering Youth: Strengthening and developing the capacity of youth leadership and engaging youth in building multiculturalism Canada and in conflict management. The event took place at University of Victoria (UVIC), BC Canada in October 20,2012.

Empowering Youth 2 at University of Victoria (UVIC) BC Canada in October 20, 2012.:

Boul (Traditional Dance): Males and females demonstrating Bowul dance,  as a means of preserving culture and heritage.  August 25, 2012 Victoria, BC, Canada.

Female performers, a showcase of traditional dance (Kienj), Victoria, BC Canada August 25, 2012.


"The international community didn't give one damn for Rwandans because Rwanda was a country of no strategic importance," Canadian General Romeo Dallaire told a conference in Kigali marking the 10th anniversary of the slaughter.He suffered post traumatic stress syndrome, and remains haunted by the fact that his alarm was ignored. Check CNN world, 06 April 2004.

UNIMISS Chief Hilde Johnson is warning us in this vedio to do something to deter worst genocide from happening in South Sudan.

This conference happened on 19 Jan 2012 in Juba, South Sudan and it is found at website of Sudan tribune of 19 Jan 2012.





Appreciation party for education, health, social, solidarity, repatriation and resettlement services William have provided to Sudanese refugee community in Lebanon from 2001 to 2008.



Meeting of new elected member. William was re-elected thrid time. In the meeting are partners of the FSCL. 

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